About Us



I was around baking since early childhood.

My grandmother owned a catering business where I had an opportunity to spend a lot of my time and basically grow in a kitchen watching her and others bake. My mother inherited the love for sweets and therefore studied at a culinary school but unfortunately never really had a chance to apply her passion and knowledge outside of her own kitchen. So here I am 2 generations later, with BA and Masters in my pocket and uncountable hours spent in my own kitchen baking quality delicious sweets for my family, friends, and various private events.


It is no secret that European sense of style, fashion, high standard for quality and taste are uncommon but admired in all North America. Growing up in Lithuania gave me quick and easy access to the most delicious cuisines in Europe. It allowed me to experience secrets of French pastry and apply them in my own kitchen since 2008. I have mastered simple pastries as well as difficult choux dough, stubborn macarons and dessert glazing techniques. My goal is to bring natural ingredients, unforgettable taste, and incredible presentation together, which are the main components of Finesse Desserts.


For over a decade I worked in different industries and various corporate organizations where I was helping others achieve their dreams and therefore neglected on having my own come true. In 2012, after moving across continents with my family I came to realize how much European kitchen and pastry in particular is appreciated and yet absent here, in Canada. It was another good reason for me to no longer ignore my dream of opening a French inspired pastry shop and that way bring over the most delicious part of Europe to Calgary.


Finesse Desserts is not just another bake shop in town. The goal is to create an unchartered territory for dessert lovers. With major emphasis on quality and taste, interior design and customer service it sure is - one of a kind.

After all, the word STRESSED is the opposite of DESSERTS. I am positive a good dessert can fix anything.

Sharing sweet memories,